My soul's journey took me through some of the lowest places I never thought I would recover from - only to find that it was in those moments I found the power in building my foundation through facing what was being reflected back to me. That was when the most profound transformation really began to take place... 


I am a trafficking survivor. I am a Spiritual Warrior. I was traumatized to forget what happened to me, but through many spiritual awakenings, navigating consciousness and a deep journey of rediscovering myself - I began to piece together the periods of my life I couldn’t seem to remember, or rather, chose to forget. My entire life I had always questioned many things that happened to me, but was conditioned to believe many of them were normal despite how these experiences made me feel. I never believed in the story they wanted me to perpetuate to others, because it wasn’t my truth. My childhood was a series of being invalidated for the way my understanding of life was, or the experiences I was having as a little girl with gifts and abilities. They wanted me to believe these memories and my abilities were my minds way of playing tricks on me, when it was actually what was saving me and helping me remember. However, for many years after, I pushed myself away from ever diving deep into understanding who I was, because I was made to believe that the way I existed was a problem. By the time I was 18, I no longer wanted to protect those who hurt me. I wanted to protect myself and those who hadn’t found their voice yet, so I left on a journey into the unknown to find out the answers I was searching for. My voice became their biggest nightmare. This journey saved my life, and pushed me to help others discover their own answer to the same question we are all asking; What is my purpose? 


By being on this journey, it taught me the power of working with ancestors, your multi-dimensional self and consciousness to heal generational trauma that has been stored & passed down in your DNA, which creates a ripple effect through quantum timelines slowly creating systematic and world change. It showed me the power of co-creating with the elements of Mother Earth to create magic through vibrational exchanges. It also showed me how important the remembrance of our divine purpose here is, which is to just BE and impact through your way of being, which is created by your experiences and perceptions of them. Otherwise, you may become lost in the old perceptions and projections placed on to you. I began to free myself from things holding me to timelines and ways of being that no longer resonated with me in my present moment, and began to recover soul fragments left behind that were keeping me stuck in patterns and loops of the past. I learned to navigate my healing through many different modalities, in order to be fully in the present moment. Where the past and future simultaneously exist in one; where magic can be created. I learned the innate capacity we all have to become consciously aware of the reality we are creating. It was then that I realized I had always existed in the dream I was desperately searching for, I simply had to look within. I was actively creating my dream life with every step I took towards rediscovering myself, because I was getting closer to my Higher Self in the process. I was on a spiritual journey this whole time without even recognizing it, because we are Spirit experiencing itself in Human Form. 


Once I began to understand what I was brought here to carry out, and how to integrate my gifts and abilities better, SoulFlow Healing - Spirit School was created. While on my journey of remembrance & integration, I spent my time studying and practicing Ayurveda, Reiki, Psychology/Ayurvedic Psychology, Philosophy, Anatomy & Physiology, Quantum Physics & Quantum Healing, Metaphysical Science, Sacred Womb Healing and Consciousness. Through all these pathways, as well as my many experiences with spiritual happenings, I began to deeper innerstand the link between Trauma, DNA and the Dimensions of Consciousness/Alternate Timelines and finally realized what my purpose was. It has since become my mission to share my story and help others return to themselves. By accessing higher dimensions of consciousness/higher versions of your Being working with ancestors and activating dormant DNA, you begin to heal generational trauma - closing out past timelines and beginning to create new pathways for you and those to come. Each of us plays a part in creating a new and better world, and this can only occur by understanding those before us, the patterns that were created and have been passed  down, how we are interconnected and then correcting this on many levels beyond just the physical to actually create change. 


My disconnection to Spirit was linked to my inner-child healing and sexual trauma, and I saw the way it created illness and sickness in my body as well. This then sent me on a journey of discovering the power of Plant Magic and Earth/Holistic Medicine and the power our body has to heal itself. Our body is the vessel in which we receive consciousness and experience energy exchange. The way our body is functioning is incredibly important as we begin to integrate back into our body's after years of dissociated trauma, and beginning to learn the ways our body is communicating to us helps aid in its healing. Trauma affects the nervous system and cells ability to function and send signals, so by healing trauma we heal illness and help the body reach homeostasis for our body to be the vessel it was created to be. Healing the disconnection from Divine Source, not only healed me emotionally and spiritually, but I began to heal physical illness too by restoring the flow of healing through integration and connection of the Energy Body & Physical Body. After all, our body is naturally self-healing, as long as you put it in the right environment to facilitate this healing. Plant Medicine only became “alternative medicine” when a system was created to profit off of the sick, so take your power back and begin to see the power you have to truly heal. 


We are all multi-dimensional beings here for a much higher purpose than we are currently living. Healing occurs on a much deeper level than has been previously understood before, but this knowledge is within our DNA. We are able to interconnect to each living thing through a vibrational energy, consciousness and unconditional love. We are here to use our connection to Mother Earth and Spirit to raise our awareness, heal and expand our vibrational energy by restoring everything back to Source. Your internal creates your external, so raising the awareness of the higher collective begins within; as We Are One. If you are reading this, then you already feel this higher calling within you. Your external world reflects your internal world, so ask yourself; Do I like what I see? If not, you and ONLY you have the ability to change that - so go create magic. Take the first step by choosing YOU and start your journey towards remembering your Divine Purpose & integrating it into your Physical Vessel.